Sun, half shade




Latin name Vaccinium corymbosum “Bluecrop”
Height 150-170 cm
Evergreen Deciduous
PH Acidic
Light Sun, half shade
Humidity Humid
Hardy Good

The Bluecrop shrub rapidly grows to a height of 160-200 cm in a spherical shape and then produces plenty of fruit.

The Bluecrop ripens during mid-season (mid-July to mid-August) with a large yield and produces large, beautiful, firm and light-blue fruits with a good flavour. The plant is somewhat susceptible to branch flagging and winter frost. This berry variety can smoothly produce fruits after self-pollination. However, a good cross-pollination with another variety will result in thicker and more fruits.

A true advantage of this variety is its good resistance to winter frost (up to -28 °C).

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